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STEDI LED Conversion Kits

STEDI LED Conversion Kits

Your headlights are your main line of defence to avoid road hazards during night time driving.
STEDI LED By Car Model at Border Off Road Albury Wodonga

LED By Car Model

Simply tell us your vehicle and you will be presented with known compatible LED conversion upgrade options for things like Headlights, Parkers, Fog Lights, reverse etc.
STEDI LED Fog Light Kits at Border Off Road Albury Wodonga

LED Fog Light Kits

LED Fog Lights are not only a sleek visual upgrade to your car or 4x4, but they also offer improved safety by ensuring your car remains visible to other road users.
STEDI Headlight Conversion at Border Off Road Albury Wodonga

Headlight Conversion

STEDI LED Headlight Conversion Kits are complete plug and play. We have torture tested our kits to ensure maximum brightness and lifespan. No cutting or wiring involved, as easy as changing your headlight bulbs.