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S560 Series Canopy

S560 Series Canopy

Add a bright new dimension of comfort and elegance with sliding windows. This window style gives you a more unobstructed view while providing for partial or total ventilation with easy sliding. Series 5 choose to make the job as easy as possible.

The Canopy has been designed around the styling of each individual vehicle. Smooth finish, complementing the duco & design of your vehicle.

The rear door contours around the tail gate for optimum fit and is “Slam Action” operated, shutting like a car door.

Standard stylish roof rails with a rated load of 85 kgs. Standard features also include a rear spoiler with high mount L.E.D brake light, full interior carpet lining with an L.E.D. interior light.

New “Slam Action” side Lift-Up windows with a single key operates all access points allowing convenient entry to the cargo area.

All glass is curved, tempered and tinted, providing extra security whilst keeping your cargo area cooler in summer.