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Carryboy Bull Bars

Front Bull Bars

  • Modern fog light design with unique frame insert which incorporates large fog lights and round park and flasher lamp.
  • Every bar incorporates two CB aerial brackets and welded to the top cross tube for easy aerial installation.
  • Winch compatible is standard across the range ensuring the bull bar functions properly in extreme circumstances.
  • Bull bars incorporate Hi-Lift Jacking points neatly positioned in the center pan sections.
  • Spot light mounting points and winch access holes located on top of the center pan area are provided in every bull bars.
  • Each bull bar upright is cut from a single piece of quality high-grade steel that extends from the top tube through the bumper section and forms the mounting plate to the bracket. This ensures the whole outer frame receives the maximum possible support.
  • Polyurethane over-rider for light impact protection at the front.
  • Bull bar’s mounting systems are designed to spread impact and ADR approved and air bag complaint.
  • The split air pan system ensures the radiator receives greater airflow and further increases the strength of the bar.