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Dometic Waeco CDF Series

Dometic Waeco CDF-11

Fridge or Freezer

This portable compressor cooler delivers a top cooling performance. It's lightweight, compact, powerful and durable, even at extreme temperatures.

The Dometic CoolFreeze CDF11 is the ultimate portable compressor fridge or freezer. With its comfortable shoulder strap, you can easily take it anywhere with you! Storage won’t ever be a problem either, as its super-slim design means it conveniently squeezes into small spaces. Offering a top cooling performance, the CDF11 cools down to –18 °C with minimal power consumption, regardless of the outside temperature. Secure fastening with the vehicle safety belt makes for easy transport.


  • Handy Holders: Two can holders for added convenience.
  • DC Outlet: Connect to mains power.
  • Easy Control: Convenient control panel with built-in LED display.
  • Lightweight and super slim design to take anywhere, with 10.5 l capacity.
  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing.
  • Built-in battery protection.
  • Two cup holders.
  • Secure fastening with a safety belt.
  • Shoulder strap.